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Kind Words from Our Students


Amy was awesome in class


She was very informative and fun highly recommend it one million percent 

Robert S.


Amy was very professional.


Amy did a private class at my nephew’s house. She explained everything well and answered all our questions. When came to our shooting range time she did one on one and helped in trying to get you out of your bad habits. She was great 

Wayne T.


Amy - the Instructor was awesome.


She kept my interest throughout the class. 

Gary C.


I HIGHLY recommend Amy!


I learned more in her class than I did in all previous classes combined (taken elsewhere)! She kept things light, yet serious and I felt comfortable with her knowledge and expertise in the field. I look forward to taking classes from her in the future.

Shannon L. K.


This class was excellent, the instructor was pleasant and knowledgeable.


She presented material that was informative and easy to understand.

Bridget F.


Amy Lucas and Her Colleagues were awesome!


Very detailed in their teaching.

Thomas C.


Outstanding Instructors!


Both made me feel very comfortable. They were both very helpful and clarified any questions that were asked. I highly recommend this class.

Shannon L. K.




Instructors are genuine and professional. One of the best classes I've had.

Christopher O.


Amy and Aaron were top-notch TCs, if not the best in the Country-- best in the State


They were both beyond reproach. I felt like I wasn't just another $ made or seat filled, I felt valued and respected. There was tons of useful information to help onboard you through the USCCA system, materials and the continued support structure moving on won't leave you feeling abandoned or on your own. They provided an atmosphere conducive to networking in the classroom and I left with contact details and plans to work with my fellow New Instructors. These TCs, this Class, and this Company is leading the way in Civilian Firearms Training and Safety!

Sean N.

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I really enjoyed this course!


High-quality instruction that was very informative and provided everyone with a good set of tools as we all move forward. Very good atmosphere in the class setting and at the range. 

Josh C.


Very good training


The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable.

 Jim B.


I thoroughly enjoyed Amy’s class.


She did a great job making the information easy to understand and retain. 

Matthew W.


I was very nervous to handle a gun. Thanks to Amy I felt some comfort.


Amy is amazing, down to earth full of knowledge.

Rosalinda C.


Amy was fantastic and I learned a ton of great information.


Great experience and I hope to train with her in the future!

Rob P.


Loved the class with Amy Lucas


She is very informative, clear, and precise with her teaching 

Janet P.


Amy is an amazingly qualified instructor


She and her co-facilitator, Aaron did a fantastic job teaching the class. Amy made everyone feel comfortable and I look forward to learning more from her in the future. I have great respect for her and recommend her classes and workshops without reservation.

Katherine H.


Amy was excellent!


There was a lot to cover but Amy made it interesting and she kept us engaged ….with lots of humor too! 

Wyckitta C.


It's so reassuring and satisfying to attend training conducted by someone who really knows the subject matter.


Amy Lucas is one of those people. That knowledge combined with a lifetime of work in law enforcement makes her the perfect person to teach this class. I highly recommend Amy Lucas.It's so reassuring and satisfying to attend training conducted by someone who really knows the subject matter. Amy Lucas is one of those people. That knowledge combined with a lifetime of work in law enforcement makes her the perfect person to teach this class. I highly recommend Amy Lucas.

Janet P.


Amy was/is an incredible instructor!


She is so knowledgeable and made the class fun! Highly recommend!

Charmaine G.


Amy is a great instructor


The class is long but she made sure to keep our attention, which I enjoyed the most. 

Ashley C.


The class was great, engaging, fun, and very informative on the responsibility of gun ownership. 

I would highly recommend it, and the Instructor Amy was fantastic!

Lara C.


Amy is fantastic!


She is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and a great presenter. I learned a ton! 

Mary Josephine B.


Great class!


Amy is one of those rare instructors that keep you engaged and that is very important given the importance of the content. I plan to attend more of her classes In the future. 

Christopher B.


My instructor, Amy Lucas is AMAZING!


She was very thorough, had broad knowledge of firearms, and a great sense of humor! This was by far THE BEST class I’ve ever attended and I hold a Master's College degree! Definitely recommend taking her course to everyone interested! 

Taura H.


Amy Lucus is an awesome instructor and very personable!


She is the BEST!!!

Leroy H.


This class is and these ladies are AWESOME!


I learned so much more than just gun safety. They were professional, funny, and very knowledgeable. If you or someone you know are looking to get your CPL, I'd highly recommend this class. 

Elvin C.


I was really scared, nervous, etc... Because I had never touched nor been around a gun, they made sure safety was first and foremost, along with other options to make sure we are safe without a gun.


When it came time for hands-on I felt confident in handling a gun and what to expect.

Elizabeth C.


This class was excellent.


I was so nervous about the long day but both instructors were amazing. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for cpl training 

Talitha M.


Very knowledgeable and professional.


Enjoyable 2-day class. Mr. Washington was a strong asset/instructor.

Dan O.


Amy is a high-tier instructor and brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes! 

Ari H.


Great class very engaging and hands-on!!!

Jenae D.


Very informative.


I dreaded even taking the course because of how long it is, but Amy and her assistant Ama were phenomenal. The day went by smoothly. It didn’t even feel like a class, it was more like a serious conversation with friends. Amy certainly knows her sh*t and wants the group to ask questions to become well-adept and arm themselves with the tools necessary to be safe. At first, I was nervous, being the only man in the class, but I was also comforted and felt like I fit right in. I definitely recommend Steel and Stilettos for anyone who is looking to take a concealed carry course. It is a game-changer! I plan on taking more courses and keeping Amy’s card in my back pocket for future lessons/events. 

Brandon J.


Great class. I learned a lot.


Aaron and Amy are very friendly and knowledgeable. 

Jesse R.


Amy and the other instructors were very informative.


They were very patient and answered all our questions. They were very knowledgeable about what they were talking about. I loved the hands-on portion of the class where we practiced our stands and shooting. The time at the range was also great. I'm more confident now than I was at the beginning. Looking forward to taking more classes 

Monique S.


Amy was awesome, super informative and very entertaining. 

Amanda E.


Very informative and educational class.


Amy and Aaron were great! Would recommend this to everyone!

Shannan H.


It's a wonderful class was full of informative detail..


Amy made the class fun and interesting the entire time. She was very engaged, passionate, and honest Highly recommended! 

Troy H.


Amy is an awesome instructor.


She was very interactive and kept the class's attention the entire time. Very informative class. I definitely would recommend her to anyone!

 Eniso n.


It was a true pleasure to be in Amy’s class.


One of the best instructors I have ever had! I look forward to future classes and would highly recommend her!

Joshuah M.


Best class ever, learn a lot.


Amy was great and very knowledgeable 

Johnnie H.


From the moment I phoned Amy and shared with her my vision to equip women to face fears and overcome them in their journey of taking responsibility for their safety, she was open to sharing information, a good listener, engaging in conversation, and encouraging. This did not vary one bit during the course. The experience was positive, and as a student Longing to teach, I know I’m definitely more equipped to impart very useful knowledge, as well as better off personally. She invests in her students and they’re better for it. 

Alma R.


Amy is a phenomenal instructor.


Very knowledgable and engaging. 

Deborah D.


Learned a lot.


Amy and Steve were great instructors. Helped me feel confident and comfortable handling a firearm. 

Chantal C.


Amy presented the CPL information is a clear, concise, and confident manner.


I'm happy I was able to attend.

James B.


I highly recommend a class with Amy. 


She kept things fun yet professional at the same time! The class was very informative, I will definitely reach out again for additional training.

Heather T.


I was very pleased and so glad that I took this class with Amy.


She is fantastic and really made it informative, fun, and relaxing. As a woman, I am glad that I waited and took it from Amy. Great instructor! I will be taking more instruction from Amy.

Michelle M.


Amy is an excellent instructor.


She is extremely knowledgeable and a great presenter. I learned so much and I plan to take more of her classes. Even if you don’t plan to carry, this class has great information for everyone interested in gun safety. 

Amy A.


Amy is/was Amazing!


Knowledge of content, attention to detail, insistence in carrying out safety protocol, the uptempo pace of course delivery, and her ability to connect with a wide range of students with varying experiences and learning styles are all Top Shelf. One of Michigan’s Finest and a 1st Class Instructor.

Malik A.


Amy is an outstanding instructor!


She is super knowledgeable and presented the class content in a way that kept my interest the entire time. Upon completion, I felt comfortable handling a gun and I also understood that I need to keep training and practicing. Amy is the best!

Edis K.


It was an excellent class! Amy was detailed with all the information provided and made the class fun at the same time. Would definitely recommend her. 

Varun T.


Amy Lucas was a first-class instructor.


She was highly competent, professional, and an excellent guide and mentor. Could not have asked for a better experience!

Mallory B.




Her presentation skills are impressive, and she really knows her sh*t. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. 

Joshua R.


Amy is a great teacher!


She combines real-life examples with practical techniques for safely protecting myself, my family, and my home in case of an emergency. I would highly recommend that everyone take her class!

Patrice C.


Very informative.


Very kind and spoke very clearly. She is very knowledgeable and answered all questions In detail.

Brian P.


Amy is a great instructor.


She makes everyone feel at ease. That was important to me. Learned so much. Have already given her card out to friends.

Luella R.


Amy was the best!


I thought it would be like the 8 hr driving class, but Amy was personable, funny, and very knowledgeable but never let important points get minimized or glossed over. She held 100% of the attention of 100% of the class. She was firm at the range, but not unkindly so. A real professional.

Rashied S.


Amy is first class…


very knowledgeable and skilled. I feel very confident in what I learned in class with her. Will definitely call her for private lessons at the range. 

Sherrie R.

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